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When Vipul Patel lost half of his college credits while transferring from Florida


When Vipul Patel lost half of his college credits while moving from the Florida Institute of Technology to Boston University. He began to search for answers. Patel soon found a comparable table. which various universities It tracks which courses from other institutions are eligible for credit during

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the transfer process.

even though it looks innocuous But the table gave him important information about where Boston University set guidelines for accepting credits from other institutions. and conflicting points He eventually appealed to BU,

the school I also attended. and pointed out that universities accept credit from universities that accept FIT courses. The argument worked. And the small but lucrative wins inspired other moving friends. He appealed for their one-time bad credit.

The result, and the fact that 39.4% of transfer students lost all their credits upon transfer, gave Patel the confidence to turn his tool into a startup company. His co-founder Huang has announced the launch of Tasseled, a free platform that lets students create and customize their own college plans with credit in mind.